Cod Brandada Salad

Lettuce, Tomato, Cod puree, Gulas, Prawns and Cod carpaccio

€ 8,25

Goat Cheese Salad

Mixed leaves, Red Onion, Tomato and crunchy croutons 

€ 7,90

Roast pepper Salad

Lettuce, Roast Peppers, succulent Tuna belly and Anchovies

€ 7,90

Caramelized Foié Micuit

Accompanied by delicious crispy Toast

€ 9,90

Salmon Sashimi

Marinated in soy sauce, Sesame oil, Chive and Avocado

€ 11,80

Cod Carpaccio

With Chopped Tomato, Extra virgin olive oil and Toast

€ 14,50

Marta´s Spanish Omelette

A portion of our tasty tortilla accompanied by Tomato Bread

€ 4,50

Three Cheese Platter

Two of Lanzarote´s finest cheesese and a delicious Manchego

€ 11,80


Aubergine Chips

For dunking in our hoemade sweet chilli Sauce

€ 9,50

Palm Honey Aubergine

With chopped goats cheese

€ 9,50

Croquettes (Iberian Ham and Codfish)

Exquisite, juicy home made with Iberian Ham (3) & Cod (3)

€ 1,25 (c/u)

Grilled Huelva Prawns

The best Red Prawns from Sourthern Spain

€ 19,50

‘Huevos Rotos’

Iberian Ham or chorizo sausage served with thinly sliced potatoes, topped with fried Eggs

€ 9,50

Papas Arrugás (Canarian Potatoes)

Genuine Canarian Potatoes accompanied by two Mojo Picón sauces

€ 5,50

Garlic Prawns

Succulent Prawns with garlic & chilli in sizzling virgin olive oil

€ 9,50


Allioli Cod au Gratin

Accompanied with Leek confit and Canarian Potatoes

€ 16,50

Cod pavias

Tasty tempura-fried cod goujons

€ 16,50

Cod with mashed Potatoes

With garlic, parsley and paprika dressing

€ 16,50

Cod Pavías

Tasty Tempura-fried cod goujons

€ 16,50

Allioli Octopus au Gratin

Served on a base of Sliced Potatoes coated in Paprika Oil

€ 14,50

Grill Octopus

Accompanied with mashed Potatoes and Paprika Oil 

€ 16,50

Artichoke hearts in Tempura

Stuffed with Iberian Ham and Allioli. 6 units

€ 16,50

Ground Beef Meatballs

In delicious Mushroom Sauce

€ 9,50

Stewed Snails

With spicy ibericos sauce

€ 9,50


Cod with Black Rice

Delicious Rice with Cod & Cuttlefish

€ 16,50

Rice with Rabbit and Snails

Exquisite spicy rice with thyme

€ 14,50

Rice with artichokes and small squid

A classic sea and mountain with Mediterranean touches

€ 16,50

Creamy Risotto of Carabineros

Wow… All the taste of the sea in this dish

€ 19,50

Mushroom Risotto

With Iberian Ham, Leek confit and Roasted Pinenuts

€ 11,50

Oxtail Risotto

With Foié Micuit and black Truffle Oil

€ 19,50

Prawns and Red Curry Risotto

Very Specy. for lovers of thay cuisine

€ 11,50


100% Oak Charcoal. Accompanied by fried potatoes and peppers. Meats are sold by weight. Filleted meats are accompanied by a grill on the table.

Black Angus Entrecote (Price per Kg.)

The best you´ll ever taste. Fabulous marbled, tender meat & rich in flavor

€ 79,00

Supreme Beef T-Bone Steak blond Angus (Price per Kg.) 

With all the flavor of Scotland

€ 79,50

Supreme Beef Galician (Price per Kg.) 

Delicious meat from the green fields of Betanzos

€ 49,50

Supreme beef Hereford (Price per Kg.) 

With the quality and all the flavor of Ireland

€ 55,50

Supreme beef Simental (Price per Kg.) 

With the quality and all the flavor of Poland

€ 55,50

Entrecotte de Ternera Argentina (Price per Kg.) 

Quality South American ribeye steak

€ 32,00

Abanico Ibérico (Price per 300 Gr) 

Choose from of the best iberian Black Pork cuts ob offer

€ 14,50

Lagarto Ibérico (Price per 300 Gr) 

Choose from of the best iberian Black Pork cuts ob offer

€ 14,50

Sirloin Steak (Price per 250 Gr.)

You can order it filleted

€ 19,50

Pork Ribs (Price per 500 Gr)

Pre-Vaked. Taste of Honey

€ 12,50

Mixed Sausages (Price per 300 Gr.)

Red Chorizo, White Sausage & Black Sausage ¡mmmm!

€ 9,50

Grilled Rabbit

Half Rabbit with Flavors of Rosemary and Allioli

€ 15,50

Mixed Grilled (Price per 500 Gr)

Entrecote, Abanico Ibérico, Pork ribs, Red chorizo & White sausage

€ 16,50


200 Gr.

100% Homemade

Served with Homecut chips


Beef Meat, cheese, Pickles, Caramelized onions, Bacon, Egg, Tomato and Lettuce

€ 9,50


Beef Meat, foié Micuit, Tomato, Mushrooms, Fig Jam and Lettuce

€ 11,50

Roast Peppers

Beef Meat, roasted Peppers, Pickles, Black Olives, Tomato, Onion and Lettuce

€ 9,50

Veggie Plus

Vegetable Meat, tomato, Red Onions, Pickles, Roasted Peppers Caper Sauce, Rocket and Lettuce

€ 14,50


Beef Meat, fresh Canarian Cheese with Dates, Bacon Onion, Tomato and Lettuce

€ 9,50


Beef Meat, iberian Ham, Roasted Peppers, Manchego Cheese and Lettuce

€ 11,50


Beef Meat, parmesan Cheese, Bacon, Tomato, Basil and Lettuce

€ 9,50


Jalapeño Peppers, Bacon, Cheese, Tomato, Onion, Guacamole and Lettuce 

€ 9,50

La de Angus

Angus Beef Meat, Tomato, Letucce, Chimichurri sauce, Crunch Onion

€ 14,50


Home Made

Olive’s Ice Cream

Delicious Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Olive Oil and orange peel shavings – a winning combination!

€ 5,50

Rum and Raisin Ice Cream

Sensational sweet Raisins with a Crunchy texture

€ 5,50

Cream Cheese and Yoghurt

Combined with Honey and Caramelized Nuts

€ 4,50

Canarian Bienmesabe

One of the Most Traditional Canarian Desserts Accompanied by Ice Cream

€ 5,50

Polvito Canario

A traditional Dessert made with thick caramel, sponge and a crunchy meringue

€ 5,50


For the Lovers of Dark Chocolate. Homemade with a Delicious Vanilla Ice Cream

€ 5,50

Creme Catalan

An Exquisite dessert made from the traditional Recipe of Milk, Eggs, Cinnamon, lemon peel and flambéed Caramel

€ 5,50

Bread Pudding Lanzarote Style

Banana, Rum + Gofio, Accompanied with Honey + Ice Cream

€ 4,50